…Who Owns Identity and Access Management (IAM)?

and . While those two areas may have very different roles inside an IT organization and business, they both play integral parts in identity and access management. Given that, I’m always getting asked, “Who owns IAM?”

Today, IAM is touched by multiple IT roles, such as app developers, IT operations, and security. CISOs are getting involved as well, at least in oversight roles. That’s because where there are identity and access, or identity repositories, you also have security risks, and need common oversight and common policy. What’s more, it’s important for all of these IT groups to be able to communicate about these policies amongst themselves in order to help keep the company safe and protect against potential threats.

In this video, my colleague Jon Oltsik and I sit down to talk more about who owns IAM, and how IT professionals are leaning in to protect the company.

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