Cybersecurity PTSD

According to research, 51% of organizations report having a problematic shortage of skills in 2018. This is up from 45% in 2017.

The cybersecurity has multiple implications. Organizations don’t have the right sized teams and operate in a perpetually understaffed mode. Often, the cybersecurity team lacks some advanced skills in areas like security analytics, forensic investigations, or cloud computing security, putting more pressure on the most experienced staffers to pick up the slack. Finally, many organizations are so busy with day-to-day security operations that they have little time for ongoing cybersecurity training. According to research from ESG and the information systems security association (ISSA), 62% of cybersecurity professionals believe that their organization is not providing an adequate level of training for them to keep up with business and IT risks.

Clearly the cybersecurity skills shortage is affecting organizations, but what’s often overlooked is the impact it has on the cybersecurity pros in the trenches. For example, the ESG/ISSA research indicates:

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