Lenovo Surfs “Three Wave” Strategy to Success

Consistency may be, as Emerson noted, the “hobgoblin of little minds,” but for performance-focused analysts and investors it can qualify as the difference between a company “walking the talk” and one muttering incoherently in an alleyway.

Why is that the case? Partly because it helps clarify central points for market-watchers who hope future events can be prognosticated from today’s tea leaves. In other words, the more often and regularly a business achieves its goals, the more likely they are to repeat themselves.

Plus, reaching or exceeding those touchstones also signals that a company and its leadership knows what they are about organizationally and in market terms. Those are good points to consider when examining ’s latest 2017/18 Fiscal Year Q3 earnings report and the light it casts on the company’s overall performance and market prospects.

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