IBM’s Strong Commitment to the NVMe Storage Revolution

’s recent announcement covered a number of new and enhanced solutions across IBM’s software and systems portfolio, but for simplicity’s sake, my focus today is the significant support the company is throwing behind the revolution inspired by (nonvolatile memory express

Note that the business storage market has changed dramatically in recent years with revolutions sparked by software-defined storage technologies and flash-based storage hardware, in both of which IBM has been a leader. To those two we can now add a storage revolution or NVMe. Although this revolution could be considered separate, the primary benefit is to increase the performance of (not hard disk storage). Therefore, it can also be considered a subset of the revolution.

As it has demonstrated in past such events, IBM has a well-articulated strategy that includes necessary planning and R&D investments to deliver NVMe as a part of its storage environment in a reasonable, achievable time frame. However, before we see what the company is doing we need to understand the technology and why it is important.

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