NVIDIA GTC: Recreating…

I’m at this week and I’ll be damned if their didn’t replicate one of the coolest technologies in the . No, it wasn’t the Vibranium Armor, though that’d been really cool too, no it was the . You recall the scene where the Black Panther’s sister, off in Wakanda, was able to take over remotely a driving it from a special remote capsule which made it feel like she was actually in the remote car?

Well Jen-Hsun showed that in NVIDIA’s lab they have created one of these things. They also showcased the car render around the driver and the driver being able to remotely drive the car. What was kind of interesting was the car that was rendered was a Lexus, and the car that was driven was a . Kind of implies one of the ways to save money in the future would be to buy a cheap car but have in rendered as an expensive car. would be OK with that, Lexus not so much.

But I think this suggests some really interesting things in our future.

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NOTE: This column was originally published in the .

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