THINK-ing about IBM (includes video)

The month of March in the US signifies its eponymous “Madness” (it’s big college basketball tournaments for those of you reading from places it does not reach); perhaps to give a nod to that, did a few things to create its own madness at its in Las Vegas. There was the frustration type of madness with the registration system for a unified-and-therefore-very-big event…there was the amusing type of madness from seeing execs trying to look comfortable in jeans…and there was the messing-with-our-minds type of madness from seeing a truly cohesive story, and event, and wondering if it actually was dear old that we were witnessing!

Putting humor and minor frustrations aside, this was a very slick and well-orchestrated showcase by and for IBM. It started on a high, with a keynote from CEO Ginni Rometty – no PPT to speak of, no smoke and mirror Vegas stuff, just a quality speech and fascinating user stories – that was uplifting, compelling, and optimistic for IBM, for IT, for business, and indeed for society. I have seen a lot of keynotes – this was top-notch. So what, beyond cool technology capabilities, was the “hook”? There were really two parts to the key thesis: the power of data, and the opportunity for “incumbent disruptors” – that’s IBM of course and many of its clients – to be at the forefront since such established, big organizations have so much of the available data, which is key to the digital age and which therefore actually gives them a competitive advantage as long as they grab the opportunity.

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