HP Defines Value of Doing Well By Doing Good

This week I was at ’s in Las Vegas. This is basically an Channel event and LOVES its channel. This is refreshing because, over the years, I’ve been brought in on a number of channel problems and they generally come down to the firm either abusing or ignoring their channel even though that channel accounts for more income than they can afford to lose.

Well, at this event, the number of times HP reached out to their channel, highlighted that arrogance was a bigger concern than competitors, and drove home the point (right out of Dion Weisler, their CEO’s, mouth) that HP is driven by their channel was record breaking.

But one other thing struck me. In a world where we are questioning whether our technology companies and CEOs are acting against us, HP also stood out as a company with heart doing things aggressively to make the world a better place.

Let’s take a break from our concerns about Facebook and Google and talk about another company that is doing well by doing good.

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