Cloud Computing Security Chaos Continues at RSA Conference 2018

My esteemed colleague, Doug Cahill, did a great job at the RSA Conference with a killer presentation on hybrid . Unfortunately, Doug’s presentation occurred on Thursday afternoon, when many conference attendees were catching flights home, packing up their booths, or recovering at a bar somewhere else in San Francisco. Despite the timing, about 150 souls showed up, but I’m guessing that Doug’s conference room would have been overflowing if his presentation was on Tuesday rather than Thursday.

As I wrote in a recent blog, it was important to focus on cloud security at RSA 2018. Why? Organizations are rapidly adopting hybrid clouds with DevOps leading the charge. This places a double whammy on security teams that have little cloud experience and a limited relationship with DevOps teams.

Since Doug gave a stellar performance in explaining the problems and potential solutions to cloud security, allow me to provide a few highlights from his presentation:

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