Dell Wyse 5070 – A Thin Client for Global Markets

The PC market is one where form tends to dominate function–where pedestrian features are often dressed up in progressively stylish wrappers to emphasize varying attributes—thinness, lightness, specific application support—and attract certain customers. There’s nothing wrong with that approach. In fact, it’s a model that has long typified many parts of the consumer PC and electronics markets. But it also differs distinctly from thin clients where function leads or even dominates form.

Why is that important or even worth discussing? For a number of reasons. First, though many people regard general purpose PCs as ideal solutions for productivity tasks, there are critical differences separating “ideal” and “best”, especially when it comes to the needs of organizations. That point is readily acknowledged at the high end of the market where engineers, financial specialists and others have long utilized powerful workstations instead of the garden variety PCs provided to their office mates.

But it is also true for collaboration/knowledge workers and others who typically use a few simple, necessary workplace applications that require modest or even minimal compute resources. Providing those employees full-featured PCs is akin to demanding that people whose transportation needs could be easily met with small sedans drive Humvees instead.

Initially, thin clients focused almost exclusively on applications and employees with modest performance requirements. But over time, and with the aid of ever more flexible and powerful compute, storage and networking technologies, thin clients have evolved into workplace solutions that can be adapted and finely tuned for a wide variety of use cases, including tasks requiring robust compute performance. Which brings us to the new Dell Wyse 5070 thin client introduced at Dell Technologies World 2018.

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NOTE: This column was originally published in the Pund-IT Review.

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