DB Systel and IBM tackle transportation with blockchain

is one of the largest global mobility and logistics companies in Europe. With management of over 12 million passengers daily across their networks, the company always has its eyes on the latest emerging technologies, looking for ways to grow their business while increasing efficiency at the same time. The company’s research and innovation business unit is now focused on cloud, Big Data, IoT, — as well as AI and machine learning solutions. With a growing customer base, continued demand for advanced mobile applications, and a focus on speed and efficiency for its customers, is constantly looking for solutions that can further streamline travel.

The Advantage

With DB Systel’s goals of driving innovation and creating a first-mover advantage in public mobility – DB Systel, along with business partner IBM, recently embarked on a journey to blockchain technology. Blockchain is an immutable electronic ledger that allow tamper-proof transaction processing, high visibility of a transaction amongst business partners involved in the transaction, and rapid payment upon the completion of the transaction.

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NOTE: This column was originally published in the Pund-IT Review.

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