IBM’s Cloud Private for Data—The Next Enterprise Platform

The idea of computing platforms has been discussed by IT industry analyst firms for years, fueling reams of reports and service engagements designed to help enterprise customers come to terms with ever-evolving computing trends. The concept held up pretty well initially, since the first two platforms were closely aligned with well-established mainframe and client/server architectures.

This provides context for a blog that Rob Thomas, GM of IBM’s Analytics organization, posted this week titled, “.” In it, Thomas laid-out an argument for what constitutes such a platform, including the ability to span on-premises private cloud and public cloud environments in a consistent manner. In addition, since such platforms “have to start where the data is,” that necessitates that successful efforts will be designed “from the enterprise out.”

Thomas focused his comments on how IBM is addressing those and other complementary points with its new . Let’s consider those points and how close they are to hitting the Next Enterprise Platform mark.

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