…Network Security Policy Management for Hybrid Clouds

As organizations embraced the public cloud over the past few years, security teams were on the hook to modify security policies and implement security controls to protect cloud-based workloads. The goal was simple: Protect cloud-based workloads with security polices and controls that were equal to or better than existing safeguards for physical and virtual servers in corporate data centers.

This turned out to be far more difficult than expected.  Many organizations tried to force fit their existing security controls (firewalls, ACLs, network segments, VPNs, etc.) to accommodate cloud-based workloads. This turned out to be a technology mismatch as security controls built for physical and virtual servers were too inflexible to service the public cloud.

As an alternative, a lot of firms decided the best bet was to create a customized network security infrastructure for the cloud with its own controls and associated policies. According to research, 70% of organizations use separate controls for public cloud-based resources and on-premises VMs and servers today.

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