Lenovo Wants to Simplify Conference Room Collaboration…

Equipping a conference room used to be really easy. You’d specify a speaker phone for the room, maybe select a couple of white boards and a flip chart, specify a conference table and chairs and that’d be about it. attempted to disrupt this several times, but a lack of compatibility, poor ease of use, and extreme expense tended to keep it from getting to true critical mass. The bigger problem was the systems tended to be underutilized once in. Same with digital white boards there was a bit of excitement around them, but folks didn’t seem to want to learn how to use them, so they too never really got to critical mass.

The choice seemed top be, keep it simple and get complaints about not having tools that were really expensive, make a guess about the advanced technology and then try to defend the expense against little subsequent usage, or pass the task of equipping the conference rooms to someone you really don’t like. Generally, the last choice tended to be the best for you, but it hardly put you in the running for best co-worker of the year.

What makes the ThinkSmart Hub 700 interesting is that it addresses most of the pain points I know of in conference room technology without adding a ton of complexity. It seems to follow the KISS rule of “Keep It Simple Stupid” which is something we all should have had engraved on our foreheads years ago.

Let’s talk about conference room solutions this week.

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