IBM Z: Making Dev Work with Ops

Recently, attended an IBM analyst briefing on the role of in . We went to learn about IBM’s environment for the () – its development tools, operations management environment and overall digital transformation strategies.

After a full day briefing we walked away with these key findings:

  1. IBM is strongly focused on helping its customers transform their information systems into cooperative, integrated processing environments that can easily mix and match existing environments and applications with new technologies and environments.
  2. In DevOps, IBM is focusing on the use of technologies that make Z more accessible to developers in general. IBM Z offers a wealth of open APIs, support for multiple languages, numerous development tools, support for open source development environments and more – a comprehensive set of tools, utilities, APIs and languages that support an open DevOps environment on Z. In short, IBM’s approach to DevOps is to be open/integrated with the world of Open Source tools and leading 3rd party vendors (e.g. Splunk, others);
  3. In operations management, the company remains focused on: 1) monitoring of application and system behavior; 2) visibility into systems/application behavior (discovery and analysis); and, 3) predictive analysis (the ability to identify problems before they occur and address them). The key message that IBM wanted to deliver regarding operations management was that IBM has a complete suite of operations management products and is a onestop-shop for enterprise operations management needs (this includes distributed computing environments, mainframe environments, hybrid clouds, networks and more); and,
  4. IBM strongly encourages its customers to build automated testing suites. By taking the time to automate testing, IBM customers can accelerate the deployment of new digital transformation applications – improving application quality while also improving speed of application delivery.

The way IBM presented its products and strategies was threefold. The company discussed: 1) the IBM Z Digital Transformation Model; 2) what the development tools marketplace needs and wants; and 3) what the operations management side-of-the-business requires. We have organized our thoughts and analysis along these lines.

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