Cisco’s Networking Academy…

Technology companies, largely thanks to the firms that make their money from ad revenue, are increasingly being viewed as villains. Uncaring behemoths that show up in books like Brotopia as bad actors. But there are firms fighting back against this image and related bad practices who believe the future isn’t the world vs. tech firms, but the world enhanced by them. One of the firms that is aggressively trying to showcase how you can do well by doing what is right is , and one of their more interesting programs is their .

This Academy is focused on taking people with few skills and turning them into networking resources that can be used to install, service, and maintain networking solutions. At the heart of this, I think, is the belief that employees are the greatest asset inside a firm and that assuring the quality and the supply of this resource is adequate is critical to success. I’m not talking just about the success of the firm but the success of the community the firm is located in.

Let’s talk about Cisco’s Networking Academy this week.

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