Lenovo, NetApp… Strategic Partnerships

Strategic partnerships are common cause in the IT industry. There are numerous practical reasons for this, including the inherent complexity of modern computing solutions, and single vendors’ inability to effectively address the subtleties of myriad specific markets.

But however well-intentioned, the fact is that some of these efforts fail utterly. Why so? Some are built on faulty assumptions or are ineffectively crafted. Others founder due to the partners’ alterations in course or their inability to deal with changing circumstances.

But many strategic collaborations do succeed. Those tend to include partners that are well-matched from the get-go, that share common goals and pursue individual efforts that, paired, deliver highly synergistic results.

The strategic partnership between and announced today at Lenovo’s in New York City is likely to fall into the category of successful collaborations. Let’s look at the details of the announcement and consider why the companies’ outlooks are so bright.

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