Hitachi Vantara Talks What’s Next at NEXT

Last week saw the 2018 NEXT conference. For those of you not following along closely, is the artist previously known as, well, many other things…!

One of the ongoing challenges the company faces (both for itself, and indeed to a greater extent when we consider it in association with its Hitachi parent) is how to describe its panoply of abilities, both IT and otherwise, in a cohesive manner.

Well, the Vantara folks took a stab at fixing that (at least for themselves) at the event by squarely focusing their commentary, capabilities, and entire reason-for-being on DATA. Given the state of the world – even beyond IT per se – that’s a pretty big and attractive sandbox to play in! And so – with renewed [at least publicly] focus, how is the company doing? The following ‘ On Location’ video has insights from my colleagues Edwin Yuen and Mike Leone as well as myself.

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