McAfee’s Vision at MPower

I wrapped up my 3-week tour of the industry with a stop in Las Vegas for . Here are a few of my takeaways from the event:

  1. McAfee now positions itself as, “the device to cloud security company.” What this really means is that McAfee will focus on the security of , (i.e., , PaaS, and ), and the that connect the two together (i.e., , , , etc.).
  2. McAfee is also betting on security from the cloud with its MVision series of products. MVision moves the control and management plane from customer premises to the cloud, alleviating the need for customers to invest in security technology infrastructure. The MVision lineup includes MVision ePO, MVision endpoint, and MVision mobile. At MPower, McAfee added MVision EDR and MVision Cloud to the portfolio. To be clear, MVision is an option, not a mandate. In other words, customers can still deploy McAfee’s on-premises products if they choose to. MVision simply gives them an option for security from the cloud or hybrid options.

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