Thoughts On IBM’s Impressive Storage Announcement

I used to work in so I kind get a kick out of covering their announcements. Part of that kick is that I don’t have to do them anymore myself given what a PITA they were to get through approvals. This week announced some interesting products. I’d say exciting, but the reality is that for a storage admin, the word “exciting” generally means something went very wrong so I avoid the term when talking about storage for fear I’ll give someone a stroke.

This week’s announcement has a series of high-performance flash-based products, an NVMe upgrade for IBM’s storage portfolio, and some extremely high capacity storage modules that support up to a whopping 44TB with compression. In addition, IBM announced a new offering called which helps manage the oceans of data you’ve accumulated.

Perhaps more interesting is IBM Storage insights for cloud-based storage and a massive update to their tape products, yes folks still use tape for backup (big capacity increase).

IBM’s announcement is massive so I’ll just cover the products that I think are the most interesting.

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