How Much Time Do You Spend on Licensing Issues…

IT organizations need to be responsive to the business. , , and computing initiatives require the underlying IT environment (HW and SW) to be able to react quickly and scale seamlessly, but it can’t do that if your technical resources are spending more time getting the proper licenses correct. This is especially impactful in fast growing companies.

Organizations want dynamic environments that are secure and up to date and deliver a great customer experience. However, as these environments become far more sophisticated, it will be imperative to ensure employee productivity is optimized for strategic initiatives and not routine tasks—like ordering new licenses.

This is why organizations get enterprise license agreements or ELAs. So every time a new license is required, they do not need to go through a time-consuming procurement process. ELAs provide an organization with the ability to rapidly scale its environment—however, all ELAs are not created equal and many were conceived and constructed prior to digital transformation or even before cloud became a reality

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