Steps On Making A DIY Semi-Automated Drilling Machine

Steps On Making A DIY Semi-Automated Drilling Machine

When it comes to the necessities at home, home owners make sure that everything is set in case there are things that needed to be fixed or repaired specifically the dads at home. Dads will always have certain tools that they normally used when dealing with repairs such as sinks, pipes, damaged bicycles and so on. There’s this certain tool called the drilling machine, it’s an important tool that is use both professionally such as for the shops and at home; it can be an automated or semi-automated tool that is used for drilling several holes in a precise manner, it can either do metals, woods or plastics. Referring to drill press for metals, the drilling machine should be at its highest quality since metal is a solid material that’s difficult to drill holes while woods and plastics are just easier compared to it. Do take note that this type of tool isn’t cheap, it ranges from $1000 and up depending on the type that you go for so. To go for a cheaper type and yet effective, there are ways to make a DIY semi-automated drilling machine here’s how.

  1. The most basic thing to do before working on something is always make sure that the materials and tools needed are prepared. The materials needed for the DIY drilling machine are:

For the tools: Drill bits, Soldering tools, hand saw, hand drill

For the materials: Ball bearing, Drilling Chuck, Wires and a switch, PVC pipe, Motor Driver PCB, threaded rod and nut, DC motor, Stepper motor, Super Glue, Wooden Screws, 10mm thick MDF sheet, 12mm square aluminium tube


  1. Once you have gathered all the things that you needed, make sure to follow a step by step instruction to achieve a perfect DIY drilling machine. Refer to this link for the full instructions on how to do it;
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