3 Things Women Of Color Should Know About Laser Hair Removal

3 Things Women Of Color Should Know About Laser Hair Removal

A lot of women of color are somewhat skeptical about laser hair removal. There is no denying of the horror stories that women of color had to face during laser removal sessions. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t experience a safe laser hair removal process if you aren’t a Caucasian. The post below offers a brief to keep in mind when you are a woman of color and want to go for laser hair removal.

Special machines are needed

It’s to note here most of the laser hair removal machines are targeted to pale Caucasian skin tones. These machines are NOT SUITABLE for darker skin tones. Dark hair is idea for most effective laser hair removal. But when the skin tone is dark as well, it tends to grab in the laser’s heat too. And that results it burns & blisters.

But you can easily avoid that by ensuring the laser machine to be used by your salon is especially meant for dark skin. Are you planning in-home laser hair removal? Well, the best at home laser hair removal devices for women of color are especially designed for dark skin tones.

Check the salon’s experience

If you are going to a salon for laser hair removal, make sure the salon is experienced in working on dark skin tones. If your chosen salon claims to have a commendable experience in the said field, ask for previous references. A credible salon will always be flexible to share contact details of previous users who have taken its treatment. After you get the numbers, call up 3-4 previous users to know about their experiences.

Know what to avoid

Regardless of your skin tone, you must follow certain things to ensure a safe and effective laser hair removal-

  • No tanning 6 weeks prior to the session and also after that (1 week)
  • No coffee 24 hours prior to session
  • No plucking of body/facial hair in between session intervals
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