Converting Your Videos To Ipod Format

Converting Your Videos To Ipod Format

iPods are a big hit today. This small device allows the user to listen to his or her favorite song anywhere and anytime. There’s just something about music that relaxes us. You could be having a bad day while commuting to school but listening to your favorite songs just seem to make things a little bit lighter. And the iPod is the perfect gadget for these situations. It’s light, portable, stylish, and offers convenience that music lovers would like to have in their pockets. But what if you want to put a particular song in your iPod but it’s in a video format? You’ll find the answers by following the steps below!

Step 1: Download a Converter

Thousands of converters are available today online. There are premium apps or tools which you need to pay for. But if you only need the basic video converter, you’ll find a lot of free versions out there that would work like magic.

Step 2: Choose the Video that You Want to Convert

Once your converter is ready, it’s now time to choose the videos that you want to convert. You may download it in your computer and import the file to your converter. On the other hand, you’ll also find converters that allow you to use links or urls instead of directly importing the file.

Step 3: Presets

The last but most important thing in this whole process is configuring the presets of your output. This is where you’ll be able to get the format that you want. Each converter has different interface and design so you might have to look for tutorials. The type of formats will also depend on the kind of converter that you have. You can even convert mkv to mp4 files in various platforms. If you want this feature, make sure to indicate mkv to mp4 converter when you search for a tool that you need.

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