High End Shampoos for Salon Use: A Close Look

High End Shampoos for Salon Use: A Close Look

Whenever one gets to be at a beauty parlor, one of the things that is most looked-forward to is when the shampooing would commence. This is because the feeling on the hair something that brings a lot of relaxation, thanks to the warm or cold water and the light massage that some stylists do, not just to make the clients feel relaxed, but also for the hair treatment to seep into the scalp more. What goes into these shampoos that are used in hair salon in fort Lauderdale and in other high-quality salons? Let’s find out below.

Bumble & Bumble Thickening

If you have thin hair and would want your hair to have more volume, this is the shampoo that your stylist may use on your hair. If helps to give shine, softness, and moisture, thanks to its components, which include Aloe Vera Gel, Wheat Protein, and Panthenol which are known to give life to hair, making it look beautiful from the inside.

Moroccan Oil

This shampoo brand is great to replenish the moisture in the hair which may have been lost in the treatment process. This will also help to bring back the nutrients in the hair, making it look healthy from the inside. While this is great for salon-treated hair, this can also be used on a day-to-day basis, as it is gentle enough for this particular purpose.

Pureology Hydrate

For those who want to make colored hair look its healthiest, this is the brand to look out for. Thanks to patchouli and bergamot extracts that this shampoo is equipped with, it comes with a great fragrance, as well as hydrating technology as well. Its anti-fade properties will also help to preserve the quality of hair that has been treated with color.


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