Do You Frequently Sleep While Wearing Contact Lenses? You Have Got To Stop Doing It Now!

Do You Frequently Sleep While Wearing Contact Lenses? You Have Got To Stop Doing It Now!

Most of us get crazy lenses contacts to replace glasses. Well, this is not a big deal, and I’m not going to lecture you with the pros and cons of glasses and lenses. Both are unique in their way, and it is upon that person who is going to wear them to decide the type of aid. But there is one underlying problem with lenses that don’t happen with glass. Just one, which is sleeping in it!

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT SLEEP WHILE WEARING YOUR LENSES. It could be hazardous and fatal. To take big names, it can cause you:

Hypoxia! This is the condition where the required amount of oxygen does not reach our eyes due to the overnight wearing of lenses. We need oxygen to live, right? Well so does our body parts! Cornea, a part of our eye, gets oxygen from our tears and air, unlike other body parts which have blood vessels for them. In hypoxia, your body, to survive starts growing new blood vessels there, which lead to neovascularization. It can make you lose your sight entirely.

Ulcers or parasitic growth! By ulcers I mean you can get sore or reddish and itchy eyes with continuous pain and water flowing out through it. The lens could also damage the sensitive eye tissue, causing infection or maybe blindness. Also, it gets pretty fuzzy there while supports bacterial growth.

To make you understand better, here are the dos and don’ts that you need to be aware of and to remember when it comes to wearing contact lenses. Do you know about some basic facts regarding the contact lenses that are important to keep in mind? Get hands-on them now!

  1. It is a must for you to get your contact lenses under the guidance of your eye doctor. Do consult with him before stepping into contact lenses selling the store.
  2. There is a myth that says you can wear the contact lenses when you have weak eyesight but that not the condition. You can wear them on your eyes functioning properly.
  3. You will again need your doctor to set the contact lenses in your eyes perfectly also that it isn’t too big to too small for your eyes. An ad fitting can cause you problems like infection, redness or itchiness.
  4. Lastly, unlike your glasses, you cannot share lenses with your pals! These are just for you and sharing them would mean you’re sharing each other’s eyes’ bacteria. Gross right?

Long story short, there is nothing wrong with your glasses or the way you look in them. I feel girls look cute in glasses. Therefore, to escape from the lethal cons of the lenses use them as a backup. I mean you can use glasses at home or while working and rest of the times like when you are out or in a wedding, or much functions and glasses don’t go with your dress, pick your lenses.

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