Know the Difference Between LED Lights and LED Grow Lights

Know the Difference Between LED Lights and LED Grow Lights


A light-emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor device that produces light when electrons flow through it. When the current flows, the electrons recombine with electron holes in the p-n junction and emit energy in the form of photons. The colour (wavelength) of the light corresponds to the energy of the emitted photon. There are three kinds of LEDs present based on wavelengths- ultraviolet, visible, and infrared. It has several advantages over the traditional light sources, the most important one being that they consume very little power. This revolutionized the lighting industry, with LEDs finding their application in several domains. From decoration to growing marijuana, LEDs have versatile usage.

LED grow light is an artificial light source that is used to provide illumination and warmth to plants and make them grow.

The difference

LED grow lights can consume up to 300 watts of power, whereas the LED lights consume anywhere between 2 Watts to 10 Watts. However, the power consumption of the grow lights is still far less than any other artificial source of light. Nursery and greenhouse owners are switching over to LED grow lights for the best results.

Advanced growth lights offer a large spectrum of wavelengths that are best suited for different kinds of vegetation.

To get the best heating and lighting for plants, the distance between grow lights should not be more than 40 inches away and must be at least 10 inches apart.


If you need to grow a particular plant, then study its requirements carefully. Each growth light has its specifications, so read that carefully before investing. You can find reviews of different LED growth lights on the web. The distance between the grow lights is also important to provide optimum conditions for the nourishment of the plant.

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