Five Picks From The Most Twisted Yet Entertaining Games Ever

Five Picks From The Most Twisted Yet Entertaining Games Ever

Games are simulations, virtual reality twisted to be entertaining. But once in a while there comes a game which is so dark in nature that many people avoid playing it. Yet, different people have different choices and there are gamers who eagerly wait for these dark games. What follows is a list of four dark, twisted games that were enjoyable at the same time The Entertaining Yet Darkest Games That Became Famous

  • Bioshock

In today’s scenario, this game can prove to be a legit warning for the dwellers of our planet and what is happening to our oceans. This underwater dystopian simulation starts with a series of mishaps and there is little to feel good about when the game starts

  • Manhunt

This game lets the gamers play a twisted murderer who should have been executed. Yet, he’s freed and goes on a killing spree for a director who orders numerous murderers in order to create a snuff film. The game is known among the darkest ones ever made.

  • Dead Space 2

This game is dark because it features one of the most gruesome death sequences to have ever appeared in the game. A lot goes wrong in the game and the graphic depiction of violence makes it too dark to handle.

  • Heavy Rain

This dark game appears to be taken right out of a David Fincher crime movie. It is filled up to the brim with brutal tasks like cutting off your finger and consuming poison.

  • Destroy All Humans

As the name suggests, this game lets the gamers play as an Alien species in pursuit of destroying human beings and using their brains for a strange experiment. The game maybe dark, but it is enjoyable at the same time.

There is little doubt that these dark games affect the psyche of the gamer. So, to relax a little, you can go and nonton online bola hari ini.

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