Refrigerator Maintenance: Refrigerator Compressor Repair

Refrigerator Maintenance: Refrigerator Compressor Repair

Most of the problems with refrigerators are resulting from compressor issues. Though it may sound just a simple part of any refrigerator, compressors are quite expensive. Basically, refrigerator compresses the refrigerant. Its main responsibility is to receive low-pressure gas from the evaporator and converts it to high pressure gas. Hence, it is one of the main foundation of a refrigerator. So whenever you encounter a problem with your refrigerator, one of the common things that need to be checked is the compressor. However, as mentioned earlier, compressors are quite expensive. But before calling out a technician for help, there are basic things that you have to check yourself first to save you from spending money for a repair service.

Basically, a fridge that creates a humming or buzzing sound and doesn’t keep the coolness of your food may have either a blown compressor (big sucks) or just a relay or bad overload compressor. Thus, repair for this kind of problem may cost you some money. But according to some appliance consultants, one of the ebstwats to get rid of an expensive repair service is to try pulling the refrigerator from the wall, unplug the appliance and remove the service panel for about 20 minutes. This will allow the compressor to have enough time to cool and any on board computers to reset. Consequently, if you plug the panel in and it went fine, then your problem has been solved already. However, if the problem persisted, refrigerator repairs san diego suggested to buy a new compressor and try fixing it using slip joint pliers, socket or ratchet set and a 4 in 1 screwdriver. After replacing the compressor, it should work fine and can keep your food cool already. On a negative note, if the problem returned, it is now time to call for a service check up.

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