December 2019

Improving WiFi Signal Strength

If you use a wireless network in your home, office, or school and find that the signal is not a strong or fast as you want it to be there are easy ways to address the issue. Here are four simple ways to increase wifi signal strength and speeds. These methods range from completely free to around $100, but the most effective one for your situation may not be the

Parenting: Protecting Your Child and Online Gaming

Choosing what games are appropriate for your child can be hard. The ESRB (Electronic Software Ratings Board) helps to make it easier, but there are portions of video games they do not and cannot rate. Every video game that can be played online that receives a rating by the ESRB carries a disclaimer stating that online interactions are not covered by their ratings. Parents should be aware what those online

Free Online Games Therapy for Stress

Today, games are not just played as shooting or running but can also be based on our daily task or a decision in life. Of course, you cannot eliminate the shooting games or the adventure games and logic games which are still very popular even today. Situs poker online Resmi are there for people who loves classic poker variations too. However, entertaining ourselves with video games has evolved to a