4 Tips On Lead Generation On Instagram

4 Tips On Lead Generation On Instagram

60% people have claimed to discover a new goodie on Instagram. No wonder, the top image-sharing site offers an excellent opportunity for lead generation. Are you too looking forward to brandish your business on Instagram to generate potential customers? Well, the post below offers a brief on how to garner volumes of leads on Instagram.

Be “social”

You can’t expect to drive leads just with posting great pictures. You have to engage with your niche. People prefer to do business with those they can feel a connection with. You have to engage with your visitors to create that desired close connection. Be responsive and timely with your comments. Post a caption that provokes replies from the viewers. You should also create contests or polls on Instagram to drive attention.

Buy video videos

It would be better if you can buy instagram video views. Videos always attract more attention than images and people usually flock to videos that are already popular. If you buy video views, you can show thousands of views on your video in just a day. It will establish the credibility quotient for your video that will attract more viewers naturally.

Count on user-generated content

User-generated content is a content that has been posted by a user of your company’s product. If you have happy customers posting rave reviews about you, request them to post their testimonial on Instagram. You can then share these contents to establish the “trust” factor for your business. In other words, it will help to promote your brand by a passive and neutral way. When it comes to trying a new business, people usually count on reviews by previous customers.

Try Instagram Live

When you go for live videos, your viewers can interact directly with you. It drives viewer engagement and helps a brand to establish stronger connection with its audience.


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