4 Tips To Be the best parent for youth player

4 Tips  To Be the best parent for youth player

Have you got your child enrolled into a youth sports team? Well, that’s great- but remember, it’s always a huge responsibility to don the role of a youth player parent. You cannot do anything on the field or during the practice sessions that will leave your child embarrassed. Also, you should be cautious enough to not to put extreme pressure on your child to the point he starts feeling de-motivated. The post below highlights some expert tips to follow to be the best parent for your youth player.

Don’t coach

Your child already has a coach and he does not need an extra coach shouting from sideline. You can of course cheer for him and encourage him from sideline. But don’t go beyond what his coach has already instructed him to do. It will only leave him bewildered and confused and might hamper his play as well.

Be strict with regular drills and practice sessions

Your child might not want to attend the practice sessions some day. They are young and hence lack the maturity to fathom the significance of these rigorous practice or 해외축구중계 drill sessions. But you are his parent and it’s your responsibility to motivate him to attend these sessions religiously.

Winning isn’t everything

Every parent wants his child to score the best goal or take his team to win. But, not winning is not uncommon and you should encourage your child to accept this basic fact. As a parent you need to motivate him to look beyond the losses and wins. You must encourage him to learn from the past mistakes and work hard to improve further. Most importantly, you must advise him to focus more on enjoying the game.

Teach him to be “team player”

Sports that are played with huge teams demand active participation from each player in the squad. Teach your child to be the ideal “team-man” who always puts the interest of the team above personal interest.

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