Can you actually Stop the Greasy Grove Taco Time?

Can you actually Stop the Greasy Grove Taco Time?

Fortnite is one of the most played games in the contemporary video game scene. It’s an exciting pay-to-win game where players can buy items from and enhance their chances of winning. One of the most loved aspects of Fortnite is the Greasy Grove. The Grove was halted for a while and has been returned again with 10.30 update on popular demand. But, it has come back as Rift Zone and with lots of changes. One of the major changes here is the replacement of the famous burger shop with a Taco outlet. Although players have no complains about the new Taco shop yet they are not really happy with the newly-introduced Taco Time. But, you can actually avoid.

The post below offers a brief on Taco Time and also advises on how to avoid it.

What is Taco Time?

When a player reaches the Taco shop, he gets Taco Time. During Taco Time, everybody around the shop will break into a groove and won’t be able to shoot weapons or build.

How to avoid it?

The good news is that there is a proven way to avoid the unwanted Taco Time.

The trick is that players here would have  to get a launchpad as well as build themselves into one-by-one box. You will place the pad right underneath the ceiling and get on it to nullify the Taco dance domination. Once you get onto the launchpad, you can move around normally.

Now, there is no denying of the fact that the savior launchpad is hard to find. But, there is no other option here so you have try hard to find it. As you get it, jump on it right before the Taco Time starts. And, once your launchpad hits onto the roof, the dancing period will be cancelled.

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