Earn Money Playing Games Online!

Earn Money Playing Games Online!

This is not an article geared towards leading hundreds of customers in towards a game-playing scam that you’ll pay a dollar on, and make a few cents every time you play. This is an actual legitimate way to make money through playing video games. The following methods are normally fun, to some extent, and are a great way for experienced gamers to make a living doing what they love to do. Of course you’re not going to pay the rent sitting on the computer all day playing video games, but you can earn a bit of extra cash on the side doing what you already love doing. You can check out sbowin for a seamless gaming experience. As you play world of Warcraft, Moola and Second life you get the best tips to improve your gameplay as well. You can use this tips and recommendations to become a master of the game you like.

World Of Warcraft

I’m sure just about everyone has heard of the World of Warcraft game. This is one of the most popular games on the Internet to date, and is gaining thousands of subscribers everyday. It’s said that over 9 million people are actively playing the video game right now, so why not capitalize on this massive audience of players just waiting to get gaming goods? There are several different ways to make money through the game World of Warcraft. For one, players need gold. They need in-game currency to get anywhere in the game, because without the money their characters are practically useless. On the other hand, the more gold they have, the more successful their characters will become in all of the aspects of the game. So what do you do? Farm that gold! Instead of using it in turn for yourself, sell it to the other players. Invest the gold and earn more. Do whatever it takes to get as much gold as possible and then in turn sell it to other players for cash. A more popular method of making money through World of Warcraft is through making and selling game accounts. Buy the game, and the expansion packs, and reach a character to the maximum level and get them some decent gear. Post your account up on a website or ebay or some other trusted selling website, and watch your account sell for extraordinary amounts of cash. A well-geared level 70 can sell for over a grand in many cases! Finally, power leveling is another decent way to earn money. Help people level up their accounts in an extremely fast manner, and they’ll pay you! It’s best to establish a website before doing something like this, or work for people that run these websites.


Moola.com is a website that gives players the opportunity to earn thousands of dollars in just a few games. Of course, this is highly unlikely and the gaming is very competitive and risky. You start off with a penny, and you keep playing games. Each time you win a game, that penny doubles. If you win 30 games in a row, you’ll have over a million dollars! I found it hard to get my account up there high, but I could see this being quite profittable if you got used to the system and had the patience to play game after game with other competitive players.

Second Life

Second Life is a game I never really got into, but the game itself can be extremely profittable through owning your own virtual store. Second life is a game where players make their own virtual character and basically just live the life through the character’s eyes. Shopping is extremely popular in this game. Players exchange their cash for game currency and can then buy furniture, electronics, toys, clothes, accessories, etc. Many of the stores on the game are user-designed. If you can create and own your own business on the game with great success, you can really rake in the money. I’ve heard of people playing this game and quitting their normal jobs as the money made from the game started to grow over the money from their own job!

These methods of making money are perfectly ethical and fine, however, I recommend having a more secure job and just using these methods on the side to earn money will doing what you love doing. These methods are strictly for gamers, I wouldn’t recommend doing these activities unless you’re someone who actually enjoys playing games.

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