Get A Killer Workout! Best Boxing Classes In London

Get A Killer Workout! Best Boxing Classes In London

Boxing is growing to become one of the most popular workout practices from all around the world. Many celebrities and supermodels have resorted to choosing boxing as their go-to workout. Through repetitive movements and an average of 350-500 calories lost per hour, boxing is truly an intense sport.

Boxing also helps in self-defense and builds the overall stamina. With all these benefits, it’s important to know the best boxing instructors in your area so that you get the finest experience with this killer workout technique. A few excellent boxing classes in London are:


This boxing class is known for providing a workout that makes the body strong and toned. It has also been claimed to have a good practice for providing lean muscles while simultaneously keeping them built.

HIIT at Another_Space

This class is created to challenge your body to reach its zenith. Though most classes are of 45 minutes, there are a few classes that extend for up to 60 minutes. Their workouts include kick-boxing routines combined with a fair amount of practices of blow and uppercuts.

SweatBox at BXR London

With leading boxing professionals as tutors, SweatBox is known for its two-part workout that consists of two rounds. One round purely focuses on boxing techniques and the other explores floor work. This routine helps in improving the body’s endurance and mobility.

Rumble at 1Rebel

This work is all-inclusive of the HIIT practices and has an intense strength building technique for 45 minutes. They have a space that is lively with music and lots of energy in the environment. Just like its name, rebels are welcome to this class!

Boxing is a widely-watched sport in a lot of countries. With its endurance-testing abilities, boxing is the sport for rebels. Betting also takes place for boxing matches. With many bookies at hand, some like Bandar Bola, Judi Bola etc. help in providing the best service and the most competitive odds.

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