How Are Smartphones And AI Helping To Tackle Language Barrier In Foreign Land?

Artificial intelligence has improved way of life in various sectors. Machine learning is an important part of AI which has enabled many technologies which were unheard of before. Be it virtual assistants on smartphones and devices, or self-driving cars and even automation of cybersecurity, machine learning has made it all possible.

Machine learning helps to translate foreign languages better because they have access to huge databases. It also has the ability to recognize certain patterns in a language, and can also leverage repetitions.

What is NMT?

An important aspect of language translation is Neural Machine Translation or NMT. This machine learning component is the newest technology in the segment of foreign language translation via machines. The best part about NMT is its ability to translate sentences without losing their meanings. This feature makes it stand apart from other language translation technologies of AI. Here the emphasis is on the neural component, which mimics the internal working of a human brain. Thus NMT takes into account the intricacies involved in the complex working of the human brain, making it the best machine translation technique so far.

The role of smartphones and devices to tackle language barrier in foreign places:

Smartphones and smart devices now come embedded with language translation assistants. They can translate sentences from foreign to native languages in a speedy manner, as fast as they are being spoken. Similarly they can also translate words written in foreign language into the preferred language as selected by the user. All these features make it easy for a new person to tackle language barriers in foreign lands.

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