Informative And Introductory Guide To Bitcoin

Informative And Introductory Guide To Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the result of the 2008 global economic crisis, when the big banks were exposed of using borrower’s money, manipulating the system, along with charging unwarranted fees. To counter such problems, the creators of bitcoin came to the scene, they wanted to exclude the middle man from between transactions, reduce high-interest rates and transaction fees, and make the transaction transparent.

Interesting facts about Bitcoin

  • Who created bitcoin?

It’s a mystery, no one knows who actually invented this system, although Satoshi Nakamoto is the name attached with the person or the group of person who declared the  bitcoin white paper in 2008 and continued their work and finally in 2009 released the original software, hence it is still a mystery who actually created bitcoin.

  • Receive bitcoin as payments

For products sold or services provided the payments can be received in the form of bitcoins. The transactions are taken care by requisite hardware terminal or wallet address through QR codes and screen apps, by adding this simple method, the online businesses can easily use bitcoins.

  • Bitcoin gambling

The casinos which provide bitcoin aficionados, make it possible for the people to play games like lotteries, spread betting, jackpot, and others.

  • Investing in bitcoins

There is an idea, that bitcoin is the future, and since it is not bound by any government authority bitcoin can be exchanged for traditional currencies, but most importantly it’s exchange rate against dollar tempt potential investors and traders in this currency game.

  • Bitcoin Exchanges

Few exchanges have the calibre to dominate the bitcoin markets that are bitfinex, bitstamp, OKcoin, Coinbase and Kraken.

  • Insurance risk

unlike some investments which are insured under investment Protection Corps, regular banks are insured by Federal Deposit Insurance Corporations, bitcoin accounts and bitcoin exchanges are not insured by any government authority or government program.

Bitcoin with its current pace towards popularity may become the future. These facts are taken from von to read more visit.

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