Is it Possible to Overlay Old Condominium Pavements?

Is it Possible to Overlay Old Condominium Pavements?

Replacing or overlaying an old condominium pavement? Is that a problem? Well, not anymore. We have the answer for your problem, just visit betonamprentat or beton amprintant to be precise. They will answer your problem.

Let’s get back. It’s yes! The answer is yes. You can overlay your old condominium pavements. You can do overlaying on both structure and non-structure to be able to make bigger pathways. Well depending on the condition and the type of existing pavement, preparation for overlaying will surely be a matter. Thus, the existing pavement should be constructed properly, clean and accessible to the overlay. It is necessary that the existing pavement is cleaned and repaired before overlaying the new pavement. Here are some ways for you to overlay the old pavement.

  • Repair the old condominium Pavements – usually pavements overlays are used to re-establish the surface course. If an existing pavements of condominium is cracked or old, it is important that you provide all necessary materials to repair the existing pavements. By Repairing the existing pavement, it is easier to overlay the final coating.

Well, repairing depends upon the type of pavement, cracks and especially how old the condominium pavement is.

  • The tack coats – before overlaying the final coating, a tack coat should be placed on an existing pavement to assure a sufficient bonding of the overlay to the existing pavement surface, it is important to apply this to your old pavement to reinforce its structure.
  • Levelling the surface – the existing pavement should be made in good texture before being overlaid. Levelling the surface or making it smooth before the final application of pavement is another thing that should be done in order to avoid crack on the pavement.
  • Bonded Overlays – The success of a bonded overlay is probably in a good bond between the strong overlay and the primary flexible pavement. It all depends on the first, second and third ways. Follow the right process and you will be good then.

Overlaying an old pavement is another way of keeping the pathway nice and comfy. It would be a problem to walk on broken and uneven pavement. One could possibly stumble when walking on. It is better to overlay or repair the old pavement. You decide!


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