Most Common Refrigerator Issues That You Might Have

Most Common Refrigerator Issues That You Might Have

A refrigerator is one of the most important appliances that people have in their house. Imagine waking up one day, and then finding out that your fridge stopped working in the middle of the night and that caused some foods to spoil.

To avoid those kinds of problems and issues with your refrigerator, here are some common malfunctions that you should know about this type of appliance. It’s up to you whether you will call a technician to check it up right away or check for solutions on some official website or you can first give it a try to check it by yourself.

  1. The Temperature is Not Cold Enough

Whenever this scenario happens, the most likely possible reason is the defrost thermostat needing to be replaced. You can try to clean the condenser coils using a vacuum or coil brush after you shut down the refrigerator.

  1. The Refrigerator Won’t Power On

If your fridge is not working, you might need to replace the electronic control board and check for some open circuits, worn-out relays, or damages due to a power surge.


  1. The Fridge is Making Some Noises

Other than the refrigerator not working, another symptom that the electronic control board is damaged is when your fridge starts to produce some strange noises. It is advisable to get your electronic control board replaced for this situation

  1. The Refrigerator is Not Releasing Water or Ice

Make sure that you are changing the filter on a regular basis. In some latest refrigerator models, there are sensors that give an indication if you already need to change the filter. You can also check if the water valve is clogged with minerals.

These issues are very common to most refrigerators and not just on a fridge that was manufactured by a local San Diego company, so if you want your refrigerator to last for a long time, make sure to take care and maintain that appliance carefully and regularly.

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