Pest Control Tips In The Kitchen

Pest Control Tips In The Kitchen

The kitchen is a favorite place for pests. Rodents, cockroaches, fruit flies, you name it. These pests always find the kitchen first out of all the other place in the house, live in it, and then give you a scare or headache when you find them living in the area and just won’t go away.

But this isn’t a problem you can’t solve. In fact, there are pest control solutions for this. Below are a few tips for pest control in the kitchen so that part of your house remains clean, safe and pest free:

Take Out The Trash

As obvious as this sound, taking out the trash can help in eliminating pests completely. Avoid leaving them overnight for cockroaches to find. Make sure the bins are sealed and clean to keep fruit flies out. Separate biodegradable from non-biodegradable so the rodents don’t dig in through all of them. It helps when even your trash is organized so these pesky pests won’t be attracted to them.

Clean Your Surroundings

We clean our kitchen regularly. We wipe the tables and wash the dishes. But that doesn’t seem to be enough. Cleaning the kitchen means sweeping the floor, mopping it, wiping off the dust in between the shelves and making sure everything is spotlessly clean. It sounds difficult now but when you regularly clean your surroundings, you’re keeping out pests that are likely to live in the dirt.

Seal Your Food

Don’t put cereal packages back in their boxes where rodents can nibble on them. Likewise, don’t expose fruits and vegetables outside counters. Seal all your food in air-tight containers so the scent doesn’t get picked up by pests. Fruit flies are attracted to exposed vegetables and fruits the most so make sure these are well kept and sealed.

These tips are helpful whether in a small or large kitchen. A regular pest control checkup is also recommended from You can find a lot of pest control Edmonton area for your convenience and future maintenance.

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