Pro Tips To Find The Right Electric Shaver

Pro Tips To Find The Right Electric Shaver

Electric shavers are an important part and parcel of men’s grooming kit. With the plethora of options available in the market buying a suitable epilierer can be challenging. However there are certain points you should keep in mind which would help you to choose the perfect electric shaver for your needs.

Tips to consider before buying an electric shaver:

  • Select the type of shaver

Electric shavers can be either foil or rotary. If you have fine, thinner hairs and need a close shave every day, foil shavers should be your pick. This type of shavers is also good for men with sensitive skin as they are less harsh on the skin. Foil shavers are good for men who need a shave once or twice a week. These have round heads and are more suited for men with tougher skin and medium to coarse beard density.

  • Choose the brand

Often choosing a brand comes down to personal preferences. But you should be aware of the trustworthy electric shaver brands available. There are also top players in each category of foil and rotary shavers, so take your pick accordingly.

  • Do you like shower shaving?

There are various options for dry and wet shavers. If you like shaving in the shower, it is only wise to opt for a shaver which provides both features of wet and dry shaving.

Wet electric razors can be used with a shaving gel or foam, while others cannot. On the other hand, dry shaving is fast and clean compared to wet shaving. Know what you prefer and select accordingly.

  • Budget matters

Electric shavers are available in all price ranges. It is advisable to decide how much you are willing to spend and look for shavers in the selected price category. Often the price is dependent on brands and features of shaver models.

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