Tidy Up With These Steps

Tidy Up With These Steps

You get yourselves a white canvas shoe. You’re delighted and it’s your favorite shoe. There are so many outfits you can fit it with but there is this one problem nagging at you. You want them to stay that white forever and you are in paranoia that once they hit the ground outside it’s an impossible task to clean them back to how they used to be.

The two steps to use to make those shoes last longer

The two main steps to make the shoe hold its shape and to make sure the glue doesn’t completely give up before you’ve used them and fulfilled all your wishes:

Check the material that the show fabric is and hand washing your show is the safest idea. Handwashing makes the show glue go a long way and doesn’t discolor it unlike machine wash

Stuff the shoes with some paper or similar stuffing to maintain it’s shaped and always sundry your shoes.

The ways to clean up your favorite canvas shoes

Gather the things you need first so that you wouldn’t have to run around as hand washing a shoe can be quite a tedious task. You will need to search for a bucket that is big enough to fit in both your shoes, a mild detergent, a toothbrush or a sponge, a towel and some waste paper.

The suggestion is to use warm water. Mix some mild detergent with this. Slightly dip your shoes in this water without completely submerging it at any point and hold it above the water level while you slowly scrub the shoe with the toothbrush.

Dip it in the water and wash off the dirt that came off from scrubbing. Rinsing it off finally under running hot water and soaking up an excess of the water with a towel is the final step. Leave these shoes to sundry. If you have insoles separately then one of the ways to keep the best shoe insert is to follow the same steps with the insole separately.

Sum it up

Shoes are a way to judge a person’s personality. A neat show will signify a neat personality and leave a good impression.

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