Tips On Fixing Dents On Your Stainless-Steel Trim

Tips On Fixing Dents On Your Stainless-Steel Trim

Sometimes, accidents around the house are unavoidable despite how careful you may be. You try your best to keep your perfectly designed home flawless, accidents and damages are bound to happen. For the most part, damages in your house would require the service of a certified or knowledgeable builder or contractor, but there are minor damages that you can fix yourself.

Stairs has to be one of the most accident-prone parts of a house. You can try installing balustrade inox to minimize the chances but one way or another, it will get damaged. Most of the time, it’s the stair trim that suffers. If you have a stainless steel for a trim, any unwanted forces can cause dents on it. This type of damage is quite minor that you can fix it given the right guidelines and instructions.

Here are guidelines on how you can fix dents on your stainless-steel trim.

  1. Use a plunger 

This is a classic way of repairing dents. Push down a plunger towards the dented area to create a vacuum suction. Gently pull the plunger until a popping sound is heard. You may have to repeat this process several times to completely remove the dent.

  1. Use ding repair kits for cars

You can purchase ding repair kits for cars and use them on dents on your steel trims. A kit usually contains a crossbar with two suction cups. Simply attach the kit onto the dented area and pull on the crossbar to pop the dent back out.

  1. A good old push

Sometimes, if the dent is not too big and not too deep, a good old forceful push is enough to do the job. You can try and soften the steel first by dowsing it with warm water so it’s easier to push back. If you’re strong enough, you may not need any tools to fix your dents.

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