Tips on iPhone Battery replacement

When do you have to replace iphone battery? Well, this is a common question among many iPhone users. Now, there are some prominent signs that warn you to get a replacement battery as fast as possible. Let’s check the signs first:

  • Enlarged battery
  • Phone getting excessively hot on short term usage
  • Phone has become aged
  • You get a message saying ““Your battery’s healthy is significantly degraded…” when you go to check your phone’s Peak Performance Capability

Replacing the battery

Doing it through Apple

Well, you can get the battery replaced by Apple only. Go to the Support Page of the company and you will find a section called “Start a battery replacement”. As you click on it, you will be asked to login for instructions on replacement. Have you signed up with the “AppleCare+” program? Well, in that case, you won’t be charged for the replacement service.

Doing it yourself

You can also perform the replacement yourself. There are multiple sites that offer replacement batteries for all iPhone models. Choose a one that comes with 20 percent more capacity and minimum 1 year warranty. Here are the steps to follow for DIY iPhone battery replacement.

  • First, you will have to remove the phone screen. Don’t pose excessive force though as otherwise you will end up with damaged clips or broken camera connectors.
  • You will find the battery secured with adhesive to phone case. So, remove the adhesive first to bring out the battery. Make sure all the screws are handy near you.
  • Place the replacement battery on the designated space.
  • Put back the screen on place and screw in all the screws.
  • After the replacement is done, plug your phone in, get the charger and charge it up for a while. Don’t forget to check all parts and features. Make sure everything works smoothly after the new replacement battery has been inserted.

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