Types & Perks Of Rowing Machines

Types & Perks Of Rowing Machines

A rowing machine is the best buddy of any fitness enthusiast. If you want complete body workout yet without putting much stress on your ankles and joints- indoor rowing will be “the” thing for you. The article below shades light on the different kinds of rowers available today and also their benefits.

Types of rowing machines

There are 4 types of rowing machines- Air-resistance rower, Magnetic-resistance rower, Water rower & Hydraulic Piston rower.

Air-resistance rower

An air-resistance rower houses a spinning flywheel which helps it to create resistance. The moment you pull its handle, the flywheel starts to spin to create wind. Harder you pull, stronger is the wind. One of the best aspects of air-resistance models is their ability to let you choose from various difficulty levels. However, these rowers tend to be noisy.

Magnetic-resistance rower

These rowers are known for completely noise-less operation. Moreover, a magnetic-resistance rower is always easy to operate and maintain. These rowers are designed with magnetic brake that works to create resistance. It’s to note here, magnetic-resistance rowers do not produce friction while working and hence can assure a comfortably silent operation.

Water rower

These rowing machines are engineered with paddles that are suspended in a water tank. When you pull the rower handle, the paddles start to spin and that consequently creates resistance. In regards to noise level, you will have to bear with a continuous “splashing” sound.

Hydraulic piston rower

These rowers are manufactured with pistons which work to create resistance for the machines. It’s the sole kind of rower that enables workout for individual arms independently.

Pros of rowing machines:

  • Complete body workout which makes it more effective than other cardio exercise machines
  • Faster weight loss as it can burn around 600 calories in just an hour
  • Improved stamina, energy and immunity
  • Assures enhanced mood
  • Helps to build muscle mass and strengthens the overall body
  • Promises low-impact workout

You must be looking forward to buying rowing machine now. If you are in budget and want to save on Rowing Machines, count on frequent sales in indoor rowers.

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