Piston Announces “Open” Enterprise Cloud OS

September 29, 2011: Piston Cloud Computing is throwing its hat into the OpenStack-based open source cloud arena with the release of pentOS (Piston Enterprise OSTM), “an easy, secure and open cloud operating system for managing enterprise private cloud environments.” The new company and its initial offering are the inspirations of Josh (Joshua) McKenty, the chief architect of NASA’s Nebula Cloud Computing Platform, which formed the cornerstone of the OpenStack project. McKenty sits on the OpenStack Project Policy Board. The other co-founder, and Piston CTO, is Christopher MacGown, who was technical lead at Slicehost, acquired by Rackspace in 2008.

McKenty says OpenStack was very successful but that the focus was on public clouds. A lot of enterprises were interested in private clouds, he adds, so the company and the OS was created. Today’s private clouds require complex configuration and time-intensive installation, and maintenance and scaling are error-prone, he says. Enterprises were also concerned about vendor lock-in, he adds.

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Author: Steve Wexler

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