Radware Covers The Application Delivery Controller Bases

November 22, 2011: Application delivery and security specialist Radware is announcing the next step in its Virtual Application Delivery Infrastructure (VADI) strategy, including new application delivery controller (ADC) platforms, enhanced data center management and orchestration interoperability, hypervisor support, and new AppShape technology to provide “the industry’s first application delivery fabric.” The company says its ADC Fabric breaks new ground in virtualized application delivery by leveraging the concept of a virtual ADC (vADC) resource pool across both single and multiple data centers, transforming physical ADCs from “units” or devices into services, regardless of the underlying computing resources.

This translates in increased agility and simplified operations, and also overcomes the traditionally limited model of requiring two identical ADC appliances for redundancy, by supporting cross-ADC form factor redundant pairs for unlimited scalability and high resiliency. Radware unveiled its VADI Strategy a year ago to bring agility and efficiency of virtualization to application delivery solutions. The architecture transforms computing resources, as well as application delivery and virtualization services, into one integrated infrastructure designed to bridge the gap across underlying hardware resources and serve the various application needs in terms of SLA and performance predictability while delivering maximal agility to application delivery services.

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Author: Steve Wexler

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