Marvell’s New SSD Strategy: One Size Can Fit All!

January 09, 2012: Silicon developer Marvell is taking its first steps into the PCI Express (PCIe) SSD controller market with several new products built on the strategy that choice scalability will be the winning formula. The new controllers provide a core building block creating PCIe SSDs in flexible configurations that incrementally scale in cost, capacity and performance. This will enable SSD OEMs and system integrators to create flexible PCIe SSD configurations that eliminate SAS or SATA conversion for better I/O performance required by different market segments.

Marvell is already active in the HDD controller and SSD technologies, and expects the PCIe market to heat up as the industry looks to the next level of performance after SAS and SATA. Representatives from Marvell claim that no other vendor has stepped up with an ASIC approach, which should give the company the first-to-market mind share. The new line of controllers will scale, in increments, to more than 1 million IOPs.

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Author: Steve Wexler

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