EMC Rolls Out 5 GRC-Centered Security Services

February 29, 2012: EMC’s consulting arm is introducing five security and risk management advisory services. “When you look at the services and the way we set this up, it’s very much a reflection of our need to provide our customers with end-to-end solutions … framed under the broader umbrella of GRC–governance, risk, and compliance,” said Mat Allen, senior director, security and risk management global practice, EMC Consulting. “GRC acts as the center point.”

The five services, available now, are: Trusted Cloud Advisory Services to provide visibility into and control of an organization’s private and public cloud environments; Information Governance Advisory Services to facilitate a safe, efficient stewardship of high-value information; Governance, Risk, and Compliance Advisory Services to bring governance and visibility to risk management; Fraud and Identity Management Advisory Services to protect sensitive information while allowing trusted identities to freely, securely interact with online systems in ways that increase efficiency, improve customer satisfaction, and control costs; and Mobile Device Security Advisory Services to help mitigate the rapidly escalating risks associated with providing mobile device access to sensitive data and resources.

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Author: Steve Wexler

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