IBM Breaks Down Barriers Between Data Center And IT

May 01, 2012: With 8,500 customers and partners in attendance, IBM kicked off this week’s Impact conference with a number of PureSystems announcements, as well as a major escalation in its mobility capabilities. The annual event, which focuses on service-oriented architecture (SOA) and WebSphere software for SOA, showcased new offerings to make it easier to create the “patterns of expertise” software capability that debuted a couple of weeks ago with the PureSystems family of expert integrated systems. The company also unveiled Mobile Foundation, software and services targeted at enterprise mobile environments, based on its Worklight acquisition.

All of these announcements–more than two dozen–come down to three core focuses, says Marie Wieck, general manager, IBM Application and Integration Middleware: expert integrated systems, mobile enterprise and WebSphere platform-based business integration software. “We’re breaking down the barriers between the data center and IT,” she says. PureSystems’ patterns of expertise are designed to streamline the setup and management of hardware and software resources. IBM announced a Virtual Pattern Kit to enable clients and business partners to convert technology expertise into reusable, downloadable packages of their own that can be embedded directly into the PureSystems machines to automate a wide range of manual and administrative IT tasks.

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Author: Steve Wexler

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