IBM’s Multidimensional View of IT Energy Efficiency

IT energy efficiency is a subject that rises and falls in public discourse with a constancy that is similar to the tides—spiking energy prices spark a rise in interest, and as those costs recede, so does the sense of urgency. But recent events, including continuing drought conditions across much of the U.S., the devastation of cities in New York and New Jersey by Hurricane Sandy and an apparently increasing public acceptance of the reality of global warming suggests that energy-related subjects will stay top of mind for some time to come.

In fact, energy efficiency was highlighted in more ways than one at IBM’s recent Systems and Technology Group’s (STG) analyst summit in Greenwich, CT. The event was held at a local hotel that is also housing out of state crews dealing with the effects of Hurricane Sandy on the local electrical grid. Their exhausted faces and the thousands of people in the area still without power offered a human subtext for the technological material in analyst sessions.

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